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The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo 2F Gallery

 I will be holding a small corner of the gallery to showcase my Jewellery. I will be featuring limited reduced price pieces and other specially selected unisex Valentines Day items. I humbly invite you to come and take a look.
pendant top (pair): silver
brooch: green gold h:50 * w:20 * t:10 (mm)
bird earrings: silver
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marriage ring for my sister & brother in law
congrats for Joe & Aya !!
piereced earrings: silver, copper, SHAKUDO
piereced earrings & pendant top: silver, SHAKUDO, Cz

2013.5.14 - 5.20
I am having the small corner for my jewellery at 9F near escalator - SOGO, Chiba Branch.

そごう千葉店 9F特設会場 <滝の広場> にて出展いたします
pierced earrings: silver, glass
pierced earrings: silver, GP
pierced earings: silver